Mobilny DOK Obsługowy (MDO)- Szeroko Kadłubowy (B787)


Fabrication of the docking system took place in Poland. With IT-COM’s expert engineers overseeing the fabrication to ensure highest levels of quality while conforming to CE certification. Docking facilities supplied by IT-COM Sp. z o.o. are manufactured under ISO 9001 quality procedures and meet all “Working at Height” and Health and Safety regulations worldwide.


– Tail Dock structure is either in galvanized steel (8 % in the length of elements) and aluminum (92%) for maximum corrosion resistance.

– Tail Dock enable usage of tripods

– Point Load: 250 kg

– Each platform load: 300 kg

– Stairs: Step Surface: non-slip grooved aluminum

– 4 working levels for narrow and 5 for wide body aircrafts

– All docking modules are equipped with towbars

– Edge protection in red for maximum protection of the outer shell of the aircraft

Standards and Certificates

Tail Dock is compliant with the international standards:

– DIN EN 1915-1 Basic Safety Requirements

– DIN EN 1915-2 Stability and strength requirements, calculations and tests methods

– DIN EN 12312-8 Maintenance stairs and platforms

– DIN EN 1386:2009; Aluminum and aluminum alloys

– DIN EN ISO 12100:2012

Transport and Logistics

IT-COM’s dedicated Transport and Logistics department ensured the safe arrival of the newly fabricated docks. Through the utilization of our worldwide network of transport specialists and warehousing facilities.


Training to the appropriate level will be given to your local labour force when IT-COM’s are requested to commission any new structures. This training will include both the practical aspects of building and also the inspection of such structures.